5 Largest Oil Platforms within the World

Oil and gasoline platforms or offshore drilling rigs are constructed for extracting, storing and processing petroleum and pure gasoline mendacity beneath the ocean ground. These platforms are of various sorts reminiscent of fastened, spar kind, semi-submersible and so forth. The most important variety of oil rigs are situated within the Gulf Of Mexico and owned by the US authorities, adopted by the Persian Gulf and the Far East.

With developments within the vitality sector and maritime engineering, such constructions have been constructed to resist the hardest situations whereas lowering their environmental influence. Endowed with the newest applied sciences to maximise productiveness, these are pivotal for assembly the worldwide oil calls for.

Most of those platforms are outfitted with primary facilities as employees reside on these constructions to supervise the operations. Accidents in these services could be disastrous for marine and human life therefore they’ve world-class safety methods for detecting any potential leakages.

Described beneath are the 5 greatest oil platforms on the earth.

Berkut oil rig

Berkut is the largest oil and gasoline platform on the earth located close to the Russian shoreline dealing with the Pacific Ocean, close to the island of Sakhalin near the Japanese mainland. It’s actually an engineering marvel, weighing about 200,000 tonnes and 35 m deep from the seafloor. It’s estimated that the platform’s most oil extraction capability is 4.5 million tonnes yearly.

Constructed to faucet the expansive Arkutun-Dagi oil reserves spanning greater than 50 kilometres from the coast of Russia into the Okhotsk Sea, this platform was one of the costly and difficult tasks undertaken by a consortium of main oil corporations from the US, Japan, India and Russia who spent 12 billion {dollars} on Berkut or Golden Eagle. The title of this platform underlines its financial significance for Russia and the federal government has estimated the income earnings from the rig to be greater than 9 billion {dollars} within the subsequent ten years.

Berkut oil rig

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Earlier than the platform was constructed, 27 wells have been dug for extracting oil after which the oil can be transported to the Chaivo oil refining plant. Lastly, it will be despatched to the oil terminal on the Dekastri port by a pipeline for export everywhere in the world. The principle construction; the platform rests on 4 robust pillars rising above the ocean. It was designed by Russian Engineers and constructed within the port of Vostochny within the japanese Russian area, utilising 53,000 m3 and 26,000 tonnes of concrete and metal. One of many ranges was inbuilt Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering yard in South Korea by 4500 males and introduced 2600 km offshore to the oil area utilizing gigantic lifting gear.

Situated in a harsh zone with floating arctic icebergs, the platform has been designed to function even in extraordinarily low temperatures and includes a novel electrical energy system to maintain functioning throughout the freezing Russian winters. It could resist ice caps as thick as 2 m attributable to its novel concrete lining which might additionally shield the platform from enormous waves as excessive as 19 m and may face up to the very best magnitude earthquakes.

The platform measures 105 m lengthwise, 61 m breadthwise whereas its top is 145 m. It weighs 42,000 tonnes and has many ranges put in with modules, emergency gear, safety system, rig, processing unit, dwelling space, helipad, and different services. It runs on 4 gasoline generators and three turbines to supply optimum effectivity.


The Perdido oil and gasoline platform is the second greatest on the earth situated close to the US Gulf of Mexico. It grew to become operational in 2010 and is operated by one of many greatest oil corporations, Shell Oil. The mission was fairly difficult by way of geographical restraints because the gulf is ridden with typhoons and hurricanes.

Therefore the platform needed to be sturdy to resist hurricanes and intensely low temperatures. The water depth of the construction from the seabed is round 8000 ft and extracts oil and gasoline from the Nice White, Tobago and Silverfield; three low-pressure oil reserves of the area. The platform extracts 100,000 barrels of oil and 200 million m3 of gasoline daily.

That includes a novel basic spar design, it was constructed in Finland by the development firm Technip. The spar measures 170 m and its hull was as tall because the Eiffel tower and as heavy as 11000 autos. Round 12,500 consultants have been concerned within the designing, building and assemblage of one of many world’s deepest oil manufacturing services, whose platform weighs 53,000 tonnes and whose decks are as expansive as 2 soccer grounds.


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Quite a few barges and carriers transported the spar and platform from Finland to the Gulf of Mexico. Mooring it appropriately was a cumbersome process that took greater than 22 hours, with the staff working regardless of a fast-approaching hurricane Gustav. The construction withstood the robust hurricane attributable to its inside ballast system which floods the tanks and retains the platform steady whereas lowering motion with the excessive waves and robust winds and minimises the strain on the pipes carrying oil and gasoline to the platform from the seafloor.

The platform includes three ranges comprising a processing plant, dwelling areas for about 175 employees and a drilling rig. It additionally has a water purification and desalination system, restaurant, gyms, television rooms, emergency gear and web connection

It has a extremely superior safety system and rescue boats able to accommodating 25 employees in case of an accident. The platform has a helipad large enough to land 2 helicopters able to carrying 23 employees every in case there’s a hurricane.


The Petronius oil platform is located within the Gulf of Mexico, near New Orleans within the US. The development of this fastened, compliant tower kind rig started in 1997 and resulted in 2000. Mendacity at an underwater depth of greater than 530 m, it was envisaged to use the Petronius oil area discovered within the Nineties and named after the well-known Roman writer serving within the courtroom of Roman Emperor Nero.

The rig was as soon as the very best impartial construction earlier than it was overtaken by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Its building was particularly ridden with many technical issues because the mission was undertaken within the 90s and price round 500 million {dollars}. It was constructed by Mc Dermott Worldwide Restricted who was additionally answerable for its assemblage whereas the engineering contract was given to WH Linder and Associates.


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Earlier than its building, 16 oil wells have been drilled and linked with oil pipelines. Often, the platforms are made to be steady to withstand motion attributable to waves or winds, however this construction sways with the tidal currents nonetheless it has a powerful basis achieved attributable to quite a few pilings extending from the higher construction to the seabed. It’s 1869 ft excessive and weighs 41,000 tonnes.

It has two ranges weighing 8000 tonnes, comprising important gear and dwelling rooms for employees, pipelines, operations room and a drilling rig together with 21 slots for oil wells. The power extracts greater than 60,000 barrels and three,100,000 m3 of oil and pure gasoline daily.

Certainly one of its modules weighing round 4000 tonnes was fastened in 1998 nonetheless the comparatively lighter module weighing 3500 tonnes couldn’t be put in because the lifting wires broke, damaging the set up gear. It was rebuilt and put in place by an 8000-ton capability crane.

Hibernia platform

The Hibernia oil rig is located roughly 314 kilometres from St John, Newfoundland in Canada. It was constructed to use the oil reserves in Hibernia and the Avalon, one of many oldest on the earth. Mendacity at depths of greater than 3500 m underwater, these fields are thought to comprise over 3 billion barrels of petroleum. They have been present in 1979 and the development of the Hibernia oil platform started in 1991 and was accomplished in seven years. It produces over 1400 barrels of oil daily. Operated by ExxonMobil, it’s owned by quite a few corporations collectively reminiscent of Murphy Oil and Chevron.

For the reason that area has inhospitable climate situations with robust northern winds, fog, and large floating icebergs, a GBS was thought-about a perfect alternative for giving the construction the specified stability and sturdiness to endure these situations whereas working at its most capability. To extend manufacturing, further wells have been drilled in 2008.

Hibernia platform

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The construction includes a 106 m cement caisson product of concrete, protected by a surrounding metal construction to withstand icebergs. The GBS includes services for storing 1.4 million barrels of oil. The oil from these tanks is transported utilizing an oil tanker serving this facility.

The 38,000-tonne decks are supported by 4 shafts with a top of 100 m. One of many ranges comprises the automated management and emergency alarm system whereas the bottom has temperature management and pipelines.

These decks additionally comprise rooms able to accommodating 190 employees, modules, life-saving gear, rescue vessels and a helipad. The completely different elements of the rig have been constructed on the earth’s finest manufacturing services, with the modules being introduced from Italy and Daewoo shipbuilding yard from Korea.

The elements have been transported by barges to the set up website and positioned over the GBS platform. The world’s fourth-biggest oil platform weighing 600,000 tonnes was then accomplished.

Olympus oil platform

The fifth-biggest oil and gasoline platform, Olympus, was constructed to use the Mars fields within the Gulf of Mexico, mendacity 200 kilometres south of New Orleans, US. The set up of this platform was a part of a mission aimed to broaden the lifetime of the oilfields until 2050 and additional if potential.

Beginning in 2010, it was accomplished in three years involving greater than 24,000 employees within the building and assembling part. The bottom of the platform was constructed by Samsung industries within the South Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding yard after which dropped at the set up website utilizing barges. Oil was first extracted from the rig in 2014.

Olympus oil platform

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It’s a tension-leg kind platform moored only a kilometre from the previous platform and is the most important within the Gulf of Mexico area and the seventh greatest facility owned by the Shell Firm. The platform extracts and processes greater than 360,000 barrels of oil daily by the 48 oil wells that draw out oil from underwater depths of 6500 m.

The Mars area was based in 1989 and manufacturing was began in 1997. It’s essential for assembly US vitality calls for and is a vital pure useful resource for the nation. Standing at a top of 405 ft and weighing 122,000 tonnes, Olympus combines the newest applied sciences and fashionable facilities for its 195 employees.

The dwelling space is unfold over 4 flooring and contains pantries, gymnasiums, a small first-aid room with medical personnel and emergency evacuation gear. The platform’s supporting pillars are coated with particular corrosion-resistant paint.

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