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In MMD Examination there are such a lot of questions requested about beginning air line Explosion , The way it happen ? What are preventive measures taken ? What are the security gadgets fitted ? Some Cross Query associated to this Subject. So, Allow us to begin Step-by-step about this matter.

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What’s beginning air line explosion ?

Explosion within the air beginning line because of hearth happen within the beginning air line of principal engine.

or, a fireplace happen within the air beginning line of M/E.

How beginning air line explosion takes place ?

As we all know that to take hearth, a fireplace triangle must be full. What’s hearth Triangle ? Flamable Substance , Warmth and Air referred to as as Fireplace triangle. If All these three can be found then hearth happens.

Oxygen , Warmth and Gasoline are Required for occuring a fireplace.

Fireplace Triangle within the case of air beginning line explosion.

  1. Oxygen :- Within the air beginning line or manifold , Air for beginning (oxygen ) is current in bulk.
  2. Warmth supply :- Because of leaky air beginning valve. Throughout operations of engine, warmth leak from air beginning V/V is act as a warmth supply.
  3. Flamable Substance :- Within the Air beginning line , air is accessible at 30 bar. However this air isn’t pure. It comprises some quantity of oil.

How oil come within the air of air beginning line ?

Essential air compressor used to provide 30 Bar. Lube oil used for lubrication of liner and piston. Some quantity of lube oil combine with air. This air lastly come to air beginning manifold change into flamable liquid for explosion.

Flamable gas is accessible as lube oil carried out from principal air compressor. Oxygen is accessible in bulk. Because of leaky air beginning valve warmth from combustion chamber igniters the lube oil, Thus Beginning air line explosion Happen.

What are the causes of beginning air line Explosion ?

  1. Leaky Beginning Air Valve or Air beginning Valve get caught in open positions.
  2. Oil comes with air from principal air compressor.
  3. Throughout maneouvring Time, excessive compressed air are available contact with hearth and explosion happen.

Preventive measures of beginning air line explosion

  1. At all times keep the primary air compressor in good situations Feed fee of lube oil for lubrication of cylinder id ample.
  2. Often drain the air bottle as soon as within the each watch by obligation officer.
  3. Additionally drain the the air beginning line or manifold, when the engine is cease.
  4. Common overhaul of Air beginning valve of every cylinders.
  5. Leaky check of Air beginning valve earlier than departure.
  6. Oil separator at discharge aspect of principal air compressor working successfully.

what are the security gadgets fitted on beginning air line to stop Explosion?

1.Flame arrestor :- It’s fitted earlier than air stating valve for every cylinder within the air beginning pipe. A flame arrestor is a tool which permit to move a gasoline by it and did the work of stopping a propagation of flame. or, It’s a small unit or system which include many tubes which arrest any flame or spark coming from the cylinder because of leaky air beginning valve.

2.Bursting Disc :- Bursting disc is put in within the beginning air pipe and consists of a perforated disc protected by a sheet of supplies that can burst within the occasion of an air line explosion. It additionally features a protecting cap that’s designed in such a manner that if the engine is required to run even after the disc has been ruptured, the cap will cowl the holes when turned. This ensures that manoeuvring or visitors air is at all times accessible to the engine.

Bursting discs are strain reduction gadgets with an outlined breaking level that reply to a particular strain and are utilized in a variety of purposes. They’re used to guard in opposition to overpressure or vacuum inside a course of, thereby defending man, the atmosphere, and the machine. Additionally it is often called rupture discs , Burst disk and diaphagram disk.

3.Non return valve :- Due to the unidirectional property of the non-return valve, it is not going to permit the explosion and its combination to achieve the air bottle whether it is situated between the Air Manifold and the Air Receiver.

4.Reduction Valve :- It’s put in on the frequent air manifold, which supplies air to the cylinder head. It’s usually put in on the finish of the manifold and lifts the valve if there’s an excessive amount of strain contained in the manifold. The advantage of a reduction valve is that it’s going to sit again after eradicating the surplus strain, permitting steady air to be accessible to the engine within the occasion of manoeuvring or visitors.

5.Air beginning manifold drain :- Drain the manifold of beginning air when engine is stopped.

How will you recognize your air beginning valve is leaking

Right here, two situations arises, how will you recognize if the engine is stopped or when engine is operating.

1.When engine is operating

Within the operating situations , we get to know leakage by following strategies :-

  1. Air beginning line or manifold change into too sizzling because of leaky air beginning valve. By touching palms. If an excessive amount of leaking then air beginning line change into purple sizzling.
  2. Reduction Valve which is fitted on the finish of air beginning manifold lifts repeatedly with a excessive sound.
  3. Bursting disc fitted within the air beginning line get burst. It trigger all of the strain launch
  4. Smoke began coming from the Drain fitted within the air beginning manifold.

2. When is stopped

Surveyors in MMD examination typically ask this questions that when your is stopped then howl will you recognize your beginning valve is leaking.

Within the air beginning line air is at all times current. Pilot air open the air beginning valve then air into cylinder combustion chamber. Pilot air answerable for opening air beginning valve. If air beginning valve leaks, air accessible within the manifold enters into cylinder. We all know leaking by opening of indicator valve. When indicator valve open air begin coming.

Generally surveyor requested why there’s unfavourable cam is offered in air beginning distributor ?

Why unfavourable cam is offered in air beginning Distributor ?

The explanation for unfavourable cam is :-

  1. If air beginning valve get caught then it get shut positively. Optimistic closing of valve within the case it get caught.
  2. If anyone open the air beginning line of air bottle then it doesn’t permit to open the valve as a result of pilot air isn’t accessible and all rollers are already elevate up.
  3. When principal engine is within the operating situations then all rollers of air distributors will elevate up because of spring motion. An thus, unfavourable cam of distributor will rotate continuosly however no put on down of rollers takes place as a result of they’re already elevate up.

Motion in case of beginning air line explosion

  1. Inform the bridge and ask them for stopping the engine for altering the air beginning valve.
  2. If not attainable for stopping the engine, lower off the gas provide in order that combustion is not going to happen in that cylinder.
  3. At the moment , we now have to prepared air beginning valve in order that change as quickly as attainable if u get the time.

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