Intro to Marine Mammals & Seabirds 2019

This week on campus we had the Introduction to Marine Mammals & Seabirds subject course, with teen contributors from Canada and the US. Beneath are just a few images to present you a glimpse of what saved us busy all week.

Figuring out plankton.

A copepod (zooplankton) at 40x magnification.

Touring the Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium.

Exploring the contact tank.


Feminine rock crab

Contributors created posters to show their friends in regards to the frequent marine mammals and gulls within the Bay of Fundy, such because the harbour porpoise…

and the minke whale.

Figuring out proper whales based mostly on their callosity sample.

Studying to make use of the humpback catalogue to establish particular person whales based mostly on their fluke sample.

Heading out with Quoddy Hyperlink Marine to search for marine mammals & seabirds within the Bay of Fundy.

Seals hauled out at Black Ledge.

Harbour porpoises feeding.

Shearwaters chickening out.

Minke whale blowholes.

Minke whale dorsal.


Fin whale blow

Minke whale

Harbour porpoise underwater. They’re so quick!

The Captain turned off the boat and we might hear the minkes, fin and porpoises exhaling! The Bay was so calm!

Watching and listening to whales.

Trying on the range of seabirds and their diversifications to the marine setting.

Consuming like a seabird.

A bolus is like an owl pellet. It’s the indigestible materials that’s thrown up by the juvenile albatross chick at about 5 months, simply earlier than it leaves the nest.

Pure supplies contained within the bolus can be squid beaks, fish bones & eye lenses, pumice stones and wooden items. The boluses the contributors dissected additionally contained plastic of many shapes, sizes and colors.

Getting older porpoise utilizing their enamel.

View by way of the microscope at a stained part of a porpoise tooth.

Investigating the life historical past of Proper Whale 2029, Viola.

Utilizing scholar whale sightings to create a whale/wildlife sanctuary.

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