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Moonlight Reflection

The radiant moon invitations me to meander to the pool.
To overlook its cloud-scrimmed drama would reveal me as a idiot.
Its flickering mild mirrored within the pool’s steaming glass,
I half its even floor asunder as I move.

Clothed in liquid mild, I stroll a clean straight line,
reflectively immersed on this world that’s all mine.
I’ve no different idol besides this ghost of moon.
I really feel that I might style it if I solely had a spoon.

Its style can be ambrosial upon my earthly tongue—
the primary to style a lunar menu previously unsung.
I bundle up my prayers and toss them overhead,
leaving all my worries unthought of and unsaid.

The stone steps lead me up once more from its steaming mass
and I shed off moonlight round me as I move.
I take its reminiscence with me as I return to mattress,
the splendor of the moonlight ceaselessly in my head. 

Immediately’s immediate phrases are: reflective radiant immersed meander idol  line style drama ghost  flickering stone. The pictures I took two weeks in the past earlier than leaving my home to journey to the states for my college reunion. An excellent scene. One of many photographs is the moon and bushes mirrored within the floor of my  pool that’s fed by  sizzling mineral springs that move by the  magma layer fed by the Colima Volcano, 80 miles away. I swim in it virtually nightly.


For the Sunday Whirl Wordle 562


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