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Octopuses Have Arms

Massive questions typically come from little folks and there are such a lot of instances that I’ve been requested by kids why I reference the limbs of an octopus as “arms” and never “tentacles”.

Right here’s why:
Arms have suckers down the total size of the appendage. Tentacles solely have suckers close to the tip. Thereby, all eight octopus appendages are arms whereas squid have two tentacles and eight arms. Additional, the aim of tentacles is mostly restricted to feeding the place arms have extra capabilities. Octopuses use their limbs for feeding, locomotion, copy (if male*), defence, and so on!

Oh and why are they known as “arms” vs. “legs”? As a result of octopuses’ appendages have extra functions than simply locomotion.

Octopus strolling on her arms (and also you thought YOU have been particular 😁). Easy methods to know it is a feminine octopus? See under for the hyperlink to my weblog* on octopus intercourse.

There are scientists who’ve put ahead that some octopus species use two of the limbs largely for locomotion whereby they might have two “legs” and 6 “arms” however let’s keep away from that debate!

Whereas we’re on the subject of semantics and cephalopods, and anticipating that there will likely be those that query my use of the plural type of “octopus”, please observe the origin of the phrase octopus is Greek, not Latin. Thereby “octopuses” or “octopods” is really extra appropriate than “octopi”. 😉 From a strict linguistic perspective, essentially the most appropriate is “octopods” however I select to not use that. I believe if I have been to say “octopods” it will distract what I’m attempting to speak that’s extra essential that grammar. I may also come throughout as pretentious and have fewer human associates 🐙.

There, don’t you’re feeling significantly better armed to talk for our awe-inspiring eight-legged neighbours? Or, are you up in arms?

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