Totally different Ranks in Service provider navy

What are the completely different Ranks in Service provider navy ?
There are three predominant departments onboard ships:

  1. Deck division
  2. Engine division
  3. Saloon division

Deck division, rating system is as follows:

• Grasp/ Captain
• Chief officer/ Chief mate
• 2nd officer/ Second mate
• third officer/Third mate
• Junior Officer
• Deck cadet

Deck rankings Ranks:

• Bosun
• Deck Fitter
• Ready-Bodied Seaman (AB)
• Extraordinary Seaman (OS)
• Trainee OS

Engine division:
• Chief / First engineer
• 2nd engineer
• third engineer
• 4th engineer
• fifth engineer
• TME( Trainee Marine Engineer)
Electrical officer (ETO)

Engine rankings:
• Fitter
• Motorman
• Wiper
• Trainee Fitter / Trainee Wiper
Saloon division:
• Steward
• Trainee prepare dinner
• Chief prepare dinner

Service provider navy uniform

The Uniform of service provider navy officers:

White shirt and black trousers, together with epaulettes as per the rank on the ship.
Black sneakers and a Black pullover throughout chilly local weather.
P-cap with anchor image.
Officers wears the uniform whereas on the ship’s bridge and mess room

The Uniform of service provider navy Rankings:

Rankings do not need any official uniform nonetheless they put on Firm offered Boiler go well with throughout work time and likewise throughout their watch hours
Whereas working onboard, the crew must wears a boiler go well with together with private protecting gear (PPE).
*PPE Package (Security Helmet, Security Goggles, Hand Gloves. Security Footwear, Ear Muffs, Security Belt).

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